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A convenient JavaScript interface to the Melon protocol Ethereum smart contracts.

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This library is published as an npm package. You can install it through npm or yarn.

# Using yarn
yarn add @melonproject/melonjs

# Using npm
npm install @melonproject/melonjs



Before you can start developing, you'll need to have Node.js and Yarn installed.

Installing only takes two commands and you're ready to roll:

# Install all library dependencies.
yarn install

# Generate the abi and bytecode files for the smart contracts.
yarn codegen

You are now ready to start development. Documentation is available here. There are also several helpful scripts in package.json for testing, test coverage, building and watch mode.


The tests contained in this repository use an in-memory ganache test chain.

In order to execute the tests, simply run:

yarn test


Third party contributions to this project are welcome and encouraged. If you want to contribute, please open an issue before submtting a pull requests so we can discuss the proposed changes and/or additions.

Please note that all repositories hosted under this organization follow our Code of Conduct, make sure to review and follow it.

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